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We offer comprehensive online dentistry courses that are practical, interesting and easy to understand. Jennifer Hertzoff, CVT takes real life experience working with 5 board certified veterinary dentists and created courses that will help attendees gain functional knowledge that can easily be incorporated into any practice. Dentistry is important... Let me help you provide the best dental care possible for your patients!

Oral infection and disease not only cause pain and infection but, can also adversely affect the pet’s heart, liver, lungs and kidneys. Learning the proper way to perform a complete Periodontal Therapy can improve the overall health of our patients. We can help pet’s live happier, healthier and longer lives by providing them excellent dental care.

Let’s get everyone on the same page! 

A common issue is that many staff members have often been given conflicting dental information. That can be very frustrating! I’ve been there, so I know how they feel. I will explain the “How and Why” of all the information so it makes sense to them. These classes provide the practical application of all the best dentistry information available!

Get your staff excited about dentistry! 

I have found that the more people understand dentistry, the more they like it. These classes not only help improve the quality of dental care but, it also gives the staff the information in a way that they can confidently explain all aspects of dentistry to your clients.

About Your Instructor

Jennifer Hertzoff, CVT has worked in the veterinary field since 1982 and has always had a special interest in dentistry. She started working at Arizona Veterinary Dental Specialists in 2004 and her love of dentistry blossomed. Jennifer worked closely with 7 board certified veterinary dentists and a boarded anesthesiologist. She combines her years of experience with her passion for teaching to improve the dentistry skills of your entire staff.


Although it was webinar, it felt like her presence was there. Big fan of her attitude, keeping the vibe funny but still educational. I was grateful for all her tips to the trade. I really enjoyed the live video - I am a visual learner, therefore this was extremely helpful. Also learned a lot of new things! All in all the entire lecture was great. Deff recommend for my techs AND dvms out there that need additional training and support on this aspect.


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